(free!) webinar

Why you need a mailing list
even if you think you don't

By the end of this webinar,
you'll know why you can't afford to not have a mailing list
You'll also know how to start your own mailing list (easily)
- and what to send to your first subscribers

Why you need a mailing list - free webinar on February 7th

Wednesday, February 7th - 15:30 CET  |  8:30 CST  |  9:30 EST

In this webinar

  1. We look at how bloggers and small business owners can use a mailing list to convert better (more followers, more traffic, more sales)
  2. We talk about the big difference between keeping your own mailing list - and "selling" to your followers on social media
  3. I'll show you how to easily set up a mailing list with Mailerlite 
  4. I'll share different types of e-mails you could send to your subscribers - it doesn't have to be "news"! 
  5. I'll give you examples of how to get people to sign up to your mailing list 


What's in it for you?

You'll leave this workshop with several new ideas on how to create or improve and grow your mailing list so it starts working for you. 

The tips are simple and easy to implement! 

Who am I?

I'm Sandrine - I'm a virtual assistant and social media manager, and I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs organise and grow their business.

I started Blogging Apprentice so I can share my knowledge and experience with a bigger crowd, and help more people realise their biz dreams!