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I'm Sandrine Ferwerda Coosemans, and have been a self-employed personal and virtual assistant since 2012. Before that, I was an administrative, personal and executive assistant for other companies. 

Although I now mostly concentrate on helping small business owners with their Facebook strategies, most of my clients in the past few years have been bloggers. This gave me a unique insight into "all the things" that came with creating, managing and monetising a blog. 

My "aha-moment" was when I started hosting workshops for local entrepreneurs. I realised how my knowledge and experience could help people do SO MUCH MORE with their business... and decided to take it up a notch. 

With Blogging Apprentice, I want to make a real difference in your online presence. From a mailing list people love to be on to a perfectly structured website, from social media to sales funnels; I hope you'll enjoy growing with this website and learning as we go. 

If you'd like to know more about me, feel free to visit one of my other websites:

  • for my VA business - concentrating around Facebook Strategies and Course & Membership creation
  • for our little permaculture farm and bed & breakfast
  • for my stories and ponderings on off-grid living, alpacas and chickens, growing our own food and living the good life.