Join our Facebook(tm) Foundations course! 



Do you want to build a solid presence for your blog on Facebook?

Are you a small business owner and are you not sure what to do with your business page? 

Do all those algorithms, changes in the rules and the idea that you'd need to start paying (a lot) just confuse you? 

This course is what you're looking for. 


As a social media manager, I've helped many small businesses make sense from the information overload the internet offers. Having taken the Moolah Marketer Facebook course, and presently being a member of several mastermind groups for Facebook and social media specialists, I keep a finger on the pulse of the internet. I keep learning and developing new ways to get my clients' businesses out there, every day. 

I believe Facebook is an awesome tool for many different purposes. It offers a starting business a free platform to start out. Solopreneurs and small  can choose from many options to grow an engaged audience that loves their products. Even big firms can use it for their customer service or to advertise their products. The many options can dazzle you - but with the right road map, everyone can learn to choose the right way to get out there. 

Above all, I believe your online presence should be really YOU - it should reflect your brand, your voice, show people how you can help them with your product - and not just use mindless tricks. 



We are currently (November 2017) running a beta test for the course. With the feedback of 11 small and starting entrepreneurs from very different niches, I'm adapting and expanding a few last details so it's got everything you need when we launch it for real. 

The price will probably be set between € 79,- and € 99,- - but will be decided upon shortly before we re-launch. 


What will you get from Facebook Foundations? 

You will get

  • Full access to the course, chapter by chapter. 
    The course currently contains 7 modules, divided in 25 videos. Most are between 10 and 20 minutes long. This might still change, we'll give you a definite count when we launch. 
    You will also get a workbook with every module. 
  • Access to the Facebook group with the other people in the course. 
    You'll be able to ask your questions, get feedback on your work, and interact with your peers
  • I'll post a (live?) video in the Facebook group every week to answer your questions and / or give an update on the course 
  • You get one on one support
    If you have any questions concerning your own Facebook questions, I will make time throughout the course to take a look at it and provide you with personalised answers
  • You get the chance to make your money back - and more
    In the course, we dedicate some time to making money through Facebook. Whether it's by affiliate marketing, setting up your own Facebook shop, sponsored posts or getting people to join your mailing list. 
    When you've completed the course and if you're happy with the outcome, you can become an affiliate for this course. This means that for everyone who buys the course after you referred them to us, you will get a piece of the cake. 


What can you expect from the Facebook Foundations course? 

My aim with the course is

  • For you to understand how Facebook works. 
    Why are certain things working or not working? What's the deal with those algorithms?
  • To make Facebook fun again.
    You'll learn to play around with the features, tweak and test things on your page or in your group, see how you can make it work for you. 
  • To help you find your target audience on Facebook
    Understand who your audience is and learn how to locate them on Facebook
  • For you to get and grow an engaged following on Facebook and beyond 
    Interact directly with people who love what you do, your brand and / or your product. Grow your page, your mailing list, and your business. 



What if it doesn't work out? 

Even though you're getting the course at a huge discount, there is still a money back guarantee. More details will be disclosed in our Terms & Conditions at the time of launch. 


What else do I need to know? 

To build, promote and launch this course, I've done my homework first; I've taken courses, watched countless webinars, and am getting support from fellow virtual assistants who specialise in specific aspects of the launch (Facebook ads, sales funnels, course setup). If you're interested in following along with the process of building a course, please drop me a line at I'll be glad to share the process, the struggles and how I solution possible hurdles with you.