Get an audit of your Facebook business page

Would you like some real and personal advice on your Facebook business page? Need to know how to better reach your audience, how to grow your page and how to get your page to better convert

Now's your chance! 

In an audit, I will go over several different aspects of your Facebook page.

By the end of the process,

  • You will know what to work on to create a first impression that attracts the right audience
  • You will have the information you need to share content to your page that gets into your followers' news feeds
  • You will have all the tools to turn your page into a buzzing hub for your ideal customers 

What does a Facebook audit include?  

  • The first impression: are your page name, category, graphics and more attracting your ideal audience?  
  • Setup: what parts does your Facebook business page have, are they set up correctly - and used to their fullest potential? 
  • Mobile friendliness - how does your page work for anyone visiting it on mobile? 
  • Your audience: what can I tell you about your followers? 
  • Page metrics: I'll go over a few key numbers for your Facebook page, and tell you how you could help your page perform better
  • Content: does your content match your goals and your audience - and what more could you do to attract and engage your followers? 
  • Effectiveness: how likely is it that your content will be shown into people's news feeds - and how can you use the Facebook algorithms to your advantage? 

Every aspect of the audit will also contain a few recommendations that you can easily apply. 

Who's doing the audit? 

This Facebook audit is "the real deal": there's no scam, it's not a tool or application that will do a quick skim of your page - it's me, Sandrine, applying my experience and what I've learned to your page. After the audit, you're also free to ask me more questions - I'd love to help you make your Facebook page really work for you! 

If you'd like, I can also set up a free chat (before or after the audit), no strings attached. 

Not convinced yet? 

Read what others say about their Facebook page audit

This is what Anasha said after I audited her Facebook page:  

Dear Sandrine,
What a fabulous job you did with my Facebook page! The audit and recommendations on how to grow and engage followers are superb.
Without your dedication, commitment and oversight, a job like this would have been nearly impossible.
You did an excellent job, and I really appreciate the time you spent on this project.
— Anasha Khan, Virtual Assistant
Hi Sandrine,
Thank you so much for your audit.
I have put every single one of your recommendations to use already
Your suggestions have just been amazing and the effort you put into going through my page is greatly appreciated!
— Michelle Wright, Blogger

How does it work? 

There are 2 ways to go into this Facebook audit: 


Free consultation before we start 

We'll set up an (online) meeting, so we can talk about your Facebook page before I get into the audit. 

What is the purpose of your page? How much time do you want to devote with it? Who is your ideal audience, and what do you know about them? This preliminary consult will help me give you more specific recommendations for your Facebook business page. 

After the chat, I will send you my details so you can make a payment and I can go forward with the audit. If you don't want the audit after all, you can still drop out at this point. 

After you made the payment (and when you've made me an analyst on your Facebook page), I'll go ahead with the Facebook audit. Typically, you'll get my report within 48 hours. 

Get your audit directly

You'll be led to a page where I ask you 3 basic questions, and you can make the payment for the audit directly. 

I'll set to work immediately. If I've got all the necessary information, I will perform the audit within 48 hours (on week days). 

If you have any questions, I'm happy to set up a free meeting with you afterwards so we can discuss the audit and my recommendations. 

I'll be happy to get you in touch with others in your niche, show you how to perform certain tasks on Facebook or link you to any extra information you might need. 

What's the price for an audit?

Getting a Facebook audit from me usually costs € 49,- (almost $60, depending on the currency of the day) - but you can get it for 50% off right now. 

So what are you waiting for?