Five day challenge

Create a Facebook business page

or give your existing page a make-over

Nail your first impression - and get new followers!


Blogging Apprentice - create a Facebook page webinar.png

Starts Tuesday, January 2nd

    Create a Facebook business page - free webinar at

    with this challenge

    1. I'll show you how to set up a Facebook page  
    2. I'll share the 3 most important things to nail your first impression - and attract your ideal audience
    3. We'll cover the 7 core elements you need to make your Facebook page work for you
    4. I'll show you how to find the content you want to share with your audience 
    5. You'll also be able to go out and find new followers who love what you're posting


    What's in it for you?

    Every day, I'll issue a new challenge for you to complete. 

    Something to brainstorm about, something to do, something to research or something else... 

    Every day, there will be a video with extra information to support you. 

    The tips are simple and easy to implement! 

    Who am I?

    I'm Sandrine - I'm a virtual assistant and social media manager, and I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs organise and grow their business.

    I started Blogging Apprentice so I can share my knowledge and experience with a bigger crowd, and help more people realise their biz dreams!