How to Start Guest Blogging (and Why You Should)

Guest blog post by Mickey Aldridge of Never Coming Home

Whether you’re new to blogging or you have been blogging for a while now,  you might be considering doing guest blogs. You might also be wondering, “is it worth it?” Or, “shouldn’t I be focusing on my own blog instead of someone else's?”

When you're starting a blog, writing guest blog posts for other blogs could be one great way to broaden your horizons. Read here why you should do it - and how to get started! - on

Guest article by Mickey Aldridge of Never Coming Home

There are lots of reasons to guest blog, some of which we will go through in this article, as well as how to find guest blog opportunities and some advice for you if you do decide to guest blog.

Reasons to write guest blog articles


You may be wondering what you actually get from spending time blogging for another site. At the very least, it is a great opportunity to network with other bloggers. Networking is one of the hardest, but most beneficial aspects of blogging.


Usually, when you do unpaid guest blogs, there is some sort of exchange involved. For instance, after I finished my first guest piece, the person I blogged for offered to help me with SEO.

Grow Your Audience

One of the main benefits of guest blogging is expanding your audience. Generally, when you guest post you will have the ability to include a link to your own website (like this), or perhaps at the end of the post. This way, if the audience has enjoyed reading your blog, they have easy access to more articles by you. It’s a way of promoting your blog through a different channel.

Engage With an Existing Audience

When you guest post, you are tapping into an existing audience. Though it is important to still promote your new piece, you will likely find that reaching out to a new audience is easier when they are already engaged with similar content.


When you post for another site, you get the benefit of  someone else promoting your piece instead of it just being you. The more people sharing your writing, the more views you are likely to get.

How to Find Guest Post Opportunities

Finding places to guest post comes down to networking. Two of the best ways to find opportunities for guest posting are:

  • Using blogging groups on social media.

  • Reaching out directly to bloggers you like.

Find Guest Blog Opportunities in Blogging Groups

When using blogging groups to find guest blog opportunities,  you can either post asking for anyone interested to message you, or you can wait for others to post asking for anyone who is interested in submitting a guest post Either way, it is a good idea to include a link to your site, and any other relevant details, so that they have some reference to your style of writing.

You might like to join:

Contact Bloggers Directly

Another way to find guest blog openings is to contact bloggers directly. To do this, simply find a blog that you like and send them a message. Let them know why you want to blog for them and make sure you include a link to your site so they can check you out. You should also let them know you’re familiar with their work and style of posts and show them what you can do for them, by mentioning some ideas of topics you can blog about.

What to Keep in Mind when Guest Blogging

If after reading all this you still want to guest blog- great! However, there are some things you should remember when typing up your post.

Your tone and voice might make your writing interesting but depending on the style of blog you’re writing for, constantly making jokes might not fit with a professional page. This may sound straightforward, but many people forget about their target audience when writing.

Some questions to ask after you have written your piece include:

  • Have you used a voice that matches their site?

  • Is your post relevant to them?

  • Have you included everything you told them you would?

When you're starting a blog, writing guest blog posts for other blogs could be one great way to broaden your horizons. Read here why you should do it - and how to get started! - on

Of course,  if you have any questions about your content, ask! If you’re not sure if you have included everything required, ask!! If there are any uncertainties at all ask and ask sooner rather than later. There is no use spending hours researching and writing a post only to find out it was a total waste of time.

Be sure of what you are writing when you start. If needed, make a list of everything you need to mention in your post and tick it off once you have covered it.

There are plenty of opportunities and benefits to guest blogging. How you go about finding these and what you write about is up to you. Whatever your decision, have fun with it and use it as an opportunity to make new blogging friends.

What do you think of guest blogging? Have you already done a guest blog or are you looking to start?

About the author

Mickey is an ESL teacher living in Fuzhou, China. After moving to China in February, she set up her own blog, Never Coming Home, as a way of keeping in touch with people back in Australia and to share her experiences with others. Since starting her blog, Mickey has guest blogged for other websites and set up a mini-series on her work’s website. You can follow Mickey on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.