How to successfully run a 2-person blog

Guest blog post by Jessica & Raynita of BestieTalks.

Running a two-person blog can seem complicated. But, if you find the perfect person to pair up with, it can be a wonderful and exciting journey!

How to successfully run a two person blog - a guest blog post by Jess and Ray at BestieTalks at

There are lots of key components that need to be addressed when you’re running a blog with someone else. This article will outline the key steps and strategies to making a two-person blog run smoothly!

Pairing up With the Perfect Person

Starting a blog is a significant endeavor. Finding the perfect person to start a blog with is an entirely different challenge. A successful duo blog is possible as long as you make sure the person you work with is just as committed as you are.

The three most important aspects to consider when choosing a blog partner are:

  • Similar interests

  • Excellent communication

  • Someone you get along with

We have been best friends for almost 15 years and are as close as sisters. We have lived in different states for over 12 years, but thanks to great communication and regular vacations together, we never skip a beat.

Our blog journey has been an exciting learning experience and has brought us even closer. Now we’re here to share how we make our blog work, and why starting a duo blog is not as tricky as you might think!

Communication is Key

Good communication is crucial to run a successful blog efficiently.  To make sure you know who is responsible for what and when, you need to discuss planning, organization and blog tasks. We communicate via phone call or text multiple times a day, so we are always on the same page.

Important things that need to be discussed to keep our blog on track include:

  • Article topics  

  • When you will do a solo posts vs. joint posts

  • Posting schedule  

  • Social media metrics and performance

  • Advising one another before a post is made

  • Who is responsible for maintaining specific social media platforms

  • New group boards you join on Pinterest or other social media sites

  • Potential guest posters/contributors

  • Feedback on each other's posts before publishing

  • New ideas or things you want to change

  • Any blog-related expenses

You need to be able to communicate honestly with one another. Without trust and openness, it will be hard to be successful. If you don't like an article topic, you need to let your partner know and be able to take constructive criticism. You are a team and you will either win or lose together.

Sharing Accounts and Profiles

Building and designing your blog is just the beginning. To promote your blog, you’ll also need to use numerous apps, websites and social media platforms.When you are part of a two-person blog team, that means you will have joint accounts. Be prepared to create shared usernames and passwords across all the essential platforms.  Our shared accounts and profiles include:

  1. Wordpress

  2. Tailwind

  3. Siteground

  4. Facebook

  5. Gmail

  6. Pinterest

  7. Instagram

  8. Twitter

  9. Canva

  10. Studiopress

  11. MailChimp

It's smart to use the same password and joint email across all shared accounts related to your blog. From day one, we split all costs associated with our blog 50/50. We send and request money for  monthly subscriptions (like Tailwind) through Venmo, so we keep a documented transaction history. Being in a blog partnership is similar to a marriage. You share EVERYTHING!

Mutual Approval on Everything

Before anything is posted, it's important to get approval from your blog partner. This strategy has worked wonderfully for us, and we highly recommend it.

We split up who manages specific social media platforms, but both still weigh in on what's posted. For example, Jessica handles Instagram and Pinterest, and Raynita handles Facebook and Twitter. Before we post on any social media, we let each other know what we are posting.

It's only fair that your partner likes the picture, article, etc. that will be posted. Your blog represents both of you, so it's important always to include each other.

Having your own identity in a two-person blog is also important.

We recommend a mixture of solo posts and joint posts to keep the balance. If there are only articles by one author, your blog won't be seen as a collective.

It's vital that your partner has their own identity, and that together you make up what you blog is supposed to be. Proofreading each other's articles and weighing in on their writing and pictures used allows you to have an opinion about your work before it is shared with the world.

Use one another to make your blog the absolute best that it can be!

Be Better Together

If you are thinking of starting a blog with someone, you will have to make time for one another. We live in different states so getting together is not that easy.

How to successfully run a two person blog - a guest blog post by Jess and Ray at BestieTalks at

Meeting up in person to work on or blog, take pictures and going on vacations (when we can) all help make our blog successful. Getting together in person to work on your blog, taking pictures together, and going on vacations are all required. We get together several times a year, and now with our blog, our vacations have become blog adventure opportunities.

The person you are sharing a blog with should also be someone you enjoy sharing life with. You want someone who makes you better and vice-versa.

Making the decision to start a blog with someone else is an exciting step. Click here to read a similar story about starting a two-person blog that might bring you some more inspiration! We hope that you have found this information useful. Starting a joint blog was one of the easiest and best decisions of our lives. We could each have started a blog alone, but the we wouldn’t have someone to share all our achievements with. A two-person blog might be tough, but it is beyond rewarding, and that outranks everything else!

About the authors

Jessica and Raynita are two best friends that met at the perfect time. It was best friends at first sight for them, and 15 years later,  their relationship has only grown. While living in completely different states, their lives are very similar. They are both in interracial marriages, enjoy practicing yoga, living a healthy, zen lifestyle, and adore their four-legged loves. They also enjoy cooking, fashion, music, eating and traveling! In their free time, Jessica and Raynita take pleasure in being outdoors, doing something active, shopping and of course blogging.

The girls have a blog that goes into detail about their favorite interest. gives you tips, advice and motivation, stories about things they've been through, and even has a category where they Bitch it out. Jessica and Raynita believe that even if you don't agree with them, they still want to hear your point of view. They aim to be positive, free-spirited, and non-judgmental and want to help anyone who is looking to better themselves and the world around them. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or just check out the website