How to Be a Competitive Fashion Blogger

Guest blog post by Maite of LaBoliviana

The fashion industry is filled with bloggers nowadays. They have become the fuel for brands to get their products out there and are a direct source of inspiration for many fashionistas.

Although becoming a fashion blogger might sound as easy as just starting to take good quality pictures in cute outfits, there is so much more behind being a real fashion blogger.

A fashion blog is so much more than posting pretty pictures of cute outfits! -

Guest blog post by Mayte Aramayo of La Boliviana

If you’re thinking of starting a fashion blog of your own, there are some key tips to keep in mind to differentiate yourself from the rest.

1. Know the Difference Between a Lifestyle blogger and a Fashion Blogger

Lifestyle bloggers are the ones who basically document their lives on a website based on their personal preferences, and they can talk about a huge pool of topics such as  clothing, makeup, hair, etc. On the other hand, a fashion blogger will be up to date with all the latest clothing trends and will post about where to buy, outfit ideas, celebrity style etc.

2. Stay Informed and Educated About the Fashion Industry

The reason some bloggers are considered lifestyle bloggers rather than fashion bloggers is usually because they don’t have an in-depth knowledge of what is going on in the industry they love. Nowadays,pretty much everything has become digitized, so staying informed about fashion is actually pretty easy. All it takes is just to follow some relevant blogs and if you have the means to do it,  perhaps take a short online course on fashion. You will never regret it, especially if you’re planning on working in the industry.

3. Set a Mission for Your Blog, Treat it as a Brand

This is the first thing you have to decide before you even start to write content. It is inevitable that when you first start a fashion blog, you’re going to want to talk about a huge range of topics -  but it’s essential to figure out what topic you have the most to say about. The most famous fashion blogs out there became successful because they had a mission and a vision that was followed from the very beginning. It is important to inform your audience about the type of topics you’re going to talk about, so in that way, you will also find more loyal readers.

4. Don’t be Scared of Being Opinionated and Stay True to Yourself

One reason why many people start a fashion blog is because want to have a voice in the industry. Ten years ago, bloggers were not so much “on trend” as they are now, so it’s important to always put your opinion out there, because you never know who might want to read it. The truth is, even if you don’t know a whole lot about fashion yet, mastering it is a learning process, so don’t be afraid. Be prepared to get judged,and criticized, but also in many cases, appreciated if your content is good, fresh and new.

5. Follow Other Bloggers That Do What You Do

A fashion blog is so much more than posting pretty pictures of cute outfits! -

The internet has thousands of blogs out there, so following other bloggers can be a good source of inspiration for your own content. Try to stay in touch also with people that actually work in the industry, so you can come up with the best ideas for your next post. Once you become a blogger, you have to be able to stay curious 24/7, because you never know what might inspire you.

6. Make Instagram Your New Best Friend

As a fashion blogger, it’s important to connect with your audience on a personal level.  Just like lifestyle bloggers, a fashion blogger will also have to get out there and take some pictures. This is key, because people are more visual nowadays, and if they’re drawn to the pictures you post, they will be more likely to check out your blog and actually read it.

7. Make a difference

Whether you decide to start a fashion blog for fun or money, what you write will be like your portfolio for people that work in the fashion industry. Although there is no exact formula for blogging success, always make sure that you attract the audience you want and stay true to what you believe in. There are so many people out there who call themselves “fashion bloggers”, be the one who makes the difference.

About the Author

Maite is a fashion blogger, focusing on writing stories on what happens behind what we see in the fashion industry. She’s from Bolivia and currently lives in Milan, Italy to study her Masters and to pursue her dream of working in fashion. She started her blog, LaBoliviana, in February 2018 and you can see what she’s been up to on her website, or by following on Instagram or LinkedIn.