How to fit blogging around a family

Guest blog post by Bunny Kim of GlowMama

Hi there! I hear you're starting a blog - or maybe you've already started? Congratulations!

Blogging can be a wonderful creative hobby and often will even bring in an income. It's no wonder many people are drawn to it.

Blogging is a particularly great way for parents to share their views and knowledge with the world, all while fitting their blogging time around family life. However as we all know, with kids, spare time can be rather rare; so how on earth do us bloggers manage to regularly write quality content, research, take photographs, post and connect with our followers?

Depending on your family dynamics, there are a few ways you can incorporate blogging time into your life; it just takes a bit of dedication, planning - and lots of coffee! (Ok, the coffee part is optional, but highly recommended ;)).

How can you fit blogging around a family? 5 tips that will help your blog-life balance at

In this article, I will share five tips to get you more organised between family and blogging. Obviously, you can mix and match these tips depending on what works for you and your family - it often takes a bit of trial and error in beginning.

So, what are these tips then?

1. Use a folder on your phone to jot down notes and ideas

Quite often when you have kids, great ideas will pop up just when it's super inconvenient or impossible to do anything with them. For example, you can't exactly stop in the middle of a game of hide and seek with your children to go and write out a post! When you have time later to sit down and write, that great idea has fallen out of your head and you can never remember what it was. At least, if a quick note was written down, you've got something to work with.

This also helps with “blank page syndrome”; staring at a flashing cursor on your screen can often lead to a mental block where words refuse to come out. Don't worry - all the best writers get blank page syndrome from time to time! Luckily, having notes, brainstorms and starter points can really help.

I personally use the Quip app, which syncs documents on my phone and laptop, so I can start writing in one place, then finish up on the other. Quip also allows me to put little digital post-it notes next to my work, for all those little thoughts that pop up while I'm writing.

2. Use waiting time wisely

Even though schedules get really busy with kids, it's surprising how much time you spend waiting; for the school bell to ring at pick up time or at the doctor's office, for example.

Keep a notebook and pen (or the folder on your phone from the last tip) and use this time to draft posts - you might even find this is your best creative time, while you're out in different environments rather than at your desk.

3. For the new mums: Write while baby's feeding

How can you fit blogging around your family? We've got a few tips for you at!

For the first few months of my blogging journey, the majority of my blog posts were written on my phone while I breastfed my young baby - this can be done while formula feeding too, it just takes a bit more juggling between the bottle and your phone.

In those early days, the feeding can take a while, so rather than endlessly scrolling through Facebook, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get all my ideas written down.

Some of the blog posts I wrote during night feeds weren't immediately publishable (read: I was often half asleep so they didn't make much sense), but then at least the skeleton of the post was there so I could go back in later (after coffee) and tidy it up.

4. Set aside time to work on your blog

I know this appears contradictory to the first tip, but they actually work hand in hand.

A lot of blogging newbies assume they'll be able to just run their blog all in those “in-between” moments of life. However, this often leads to stress - not to mention inconsistent quality and quantity of content.

If you want your blog to succeed, you need to treat it like any other job or hobby, and have allocated time for it. Just like if you were training for a marathon, you'd set up regular running times - not just run a few steps here and there when you have a spare moment.

Schedule it in to your routine, let the family know you've clocked in so you can work without distraction, set yourself up with whatever you need on hand (laptop, snacks, coffee, water), and get it done.

It doesn't have to be a long time, especially if you're doing lots of prep work, it just needs to be reasonably regular - you could even do it while your school aged kids are doing their homework and have a bit of a “study date”!

5. Use a scheduling app for blog and social media posts

There are particular times during the day that are best for posting in terms of reaching your followers and audience - unfortunately these times often clash with family life (like right on bedtime when children are running wild and you're trying to wrestle them into pyjamas).

A great way to combat this is to write and plan out your posts ahead of time (during your allocated blog work time that I know you've set aside ;)), then either schedule your posts (Wordpress and Facebook both have inbuilt scheduling) or use an app like Buffer or Hootsuite to publish them during those peak times.

Another benefit of doing this means you can look at your planned posts ahead of time and ensure everything is consistent - and spend less time worrying “what am I going to post today?!”

How can you fit blogging around your family? We've got a few tips for you at!

And remember...

As your family grows (either in age or size), your blogging journey will evolve too; if you blog about your family this is a no-brainer, but in fact, no matter what you blog about, you'll continue to learn.

After a while, it won't take you as long to navigate through your website and social media, you'll start finding it easier to create content, and so on.

So don't panic if you feel overwhelmed in the beginning. Like anything new, there will most likely be teething issues (mummy blog pun there - sorry!), but keep at it and you'll find your groove eventually.

About the author

Bunny is a motherhood and lifestyle blogger, focusing on finding inner strength, humour, and positivity in everyday life. She lives in New Zealand with her partner and two sons, where they enjoy going on adventures, exploring, and drinking lots of coffee! Her blog, GlowMama, is just about to celebrate its first birthday - you can see what they've been up to at on her website,  or by following her Facebook page and Instagram.