Why it’s never too early to monetise your blog

I know a lot of bloggers - I probably meet several bloggers for the first time every day, in real life or online. However, most of those bloggers don’t really blog for money: either they own a business and have a blog “on the side” (maybe for SEO-reasons or just to offer some basic information to their customers) - or they blog but have no clue how to start monetising it. 

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Or worse: many starting bloggers think they need thousands and thousands of pageviews in order to start thinking about monetising their blog. Now in a tiny part, they may be right: when you’ve got loads of readers, you’ll be able to make more money. However, there are many ways to make money when your website doesn’t have that much traffic yet. 

I know this thanks to a woman called Victoria Pruett. Victoria is “just” a stay at home mom with a homestead and a website - but she’s also a small business owner who earns a decent wage from blogging, and is able to support her whole family that way.  

Although Victoria probably didn’t really discover anything new, she took the time to make a very complete overview of all the ways small bloggers can make money off their blog. The result is called “Make Money Blogging - at any level”. 

Make Money Blogging” shows you how to monetise a blog. It doesn’t tell you how to build your website, how to blog or how to promote yourself on social media; granted, there’s a tiny bit of background on that, but it’s just not the main theme of the book. Its only purpose is to help you out once your blog is all set up, so you can actually start getting some return on investment. 

Why you shouldn't wait until you're big to start making money from your blog - on BloggingApprentice.com

The book goes over many different ways to make money off a blog, and takes you by the hand in order to implement every single one of the tips and tricks - from affiliate marketing to advertisment placements, from making your own products to sponsored posts… and so much more. It offers links to find more information and tools to use, and makes blogging for money seem like a paint-by-numbers activity. 

Not only that, but it helps you make sure you’re all set up right to insure a reliable return on investment… although the book is slightly WordPress-oriented (I am partial to Squarespace myself), the recommendations are easy to follow and implement for everybody. 

Make Money Blogging” won’t help you get incredibly rich off your blog (unless you’ve found the one thing the whole world was waiting for), but it can help you make a nice income on the side - or maybe even a full time wage, if you put the effort in. 

Getting “Make Money Blogging” is probably one of the best investments you can make when you start blogging. It will help you get inspired, motivate you to take action, and if you’re anything like me - you’ll look back one day and realise how different your blogging business would be if you’d never bought that book.