Does my business need an Instagram account?

What are the advantages of using Instagram to promote your business online, over other social media platforms? Read it on!

Instagram is one of the many social media platforms that you can implement in your business’ digital marketing strategy. You should definitely weigh the pros and cons of every social network before putting time, effort and maybe money into using it for your biz; this article can help you find out if Instagram is for you! 

1. Instagram users are everywhere

Instagram has a very varied and balanced user base. Although IG users are somewhat younger on average (most of them are under 35 years old), there’s an almost even number of men and women, and Instagram users are all over the world (not just in the United States). 

2. Instagram users spend more time on Instagram

On average, Instagram users spend more time on Instagram than users of other social media platforms spend on those other platforms. Hence: more chance for your brand to be discovered. 

3. It’s not as saturated as Facebook (yet) 

Almost every business that has some kind of digital marketing strategy, has got a business page on Facebook. That’s not the case for Instagram: there is plenty more room for growth… and less competition. 

4. Instagram doesn't decide for you what you get to see

When you follow an account on Instagram, you will be able see their content in your feed. In this, IG differs from Facebook and several others, where filters and algorithms help define if your post is going to get reach and be seen by your followers. 

5. Instagram is the number one visual platform

Instagram is the number one platform for visual content: pictures (or videos) always come first, the story only gets read if the image attracts your reader’s attention. 

This is great, because the human brain processes images faster than it does text; on Instagram, you’re able to communicate your message in a much faster way. 

If your business does not a very visual brand (don’t have products to show, don’t live a particularly exciting professional life, you can still create visual content to go with your stories and grow a following on Instagram: click here for 7 foolproof ways to grow your biz on Instagram

What are the advantages of using Instagram to promote your business online, over other social media platforms? Read it on!

6. You can use IG as content creator for other social media

Sometimes it’s just a pain creating content that should only be shared on one particular social media platform… that’s not the case with Instagram content though; you can link your IG account to Facebook and / or Twitter, and post your pictures automatically on other social media platforms. 

7. IG is great to get your personality out

Instagram is the best platform if you live an interesting professional life, have lots of fun products or behind the scenes shots to share, and want to create a real connection with your audience. 
Besides, Instagram is very easy and quick to use when on the go: you snap a picture, upload it to IG, add a filter, a caption and a few hashtags - and there you go. 

Why not to start an Instagram account for your business

Of course, there are downsides to Instagram as well: the number one being that you can’t post direct links in your posts. The only way to refer people to your website (or web shop, or blog, or anything) is by sending them to your bio. 
However, that strategy does work: when people on Instagram click on to visit a web shop, the conversion rates are much higher. So although less people will find their way from your account to your product, the ones that do have a higher chance of actually buying. 

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