In my "day job" as a personal / virtual assistant, I love helping people realise their dream and start their own business. 

However, many people choose to not hire a VA to start their business - they just want to do it by themselves! 

Maybe you're one of them? In that case, Blogging Apprentice is for you. 


With Blogging Apprentice, I want to empower people to not only start their own biz and make money from a blog, but to create a rock solid online presence as well. I know it can be (very) overwhelming; I aim to make the information simple, clear and easy to digest... and at the same time, very valuable. 

If you'd like to know more about writing for Blogging Apprentice, please scroll on!


Blogging Apprentice has four different aspects: 

1. The website contains a growing number of articles on all kinds of subjects - from building a website to promoting your biz on social media, from productivity to finding paid work, and from managing a mailing list to teaming up with others. 

2. The newsletter shares news about our upcoming videos or webinars, the newest blog posts and possible opportunities for you. 


3. The community is currently represented in the Farmish Business Collective Facebook group. The group is all about helping (rural-based) entrepreneurs grow their business. Several of the group admins are long time bloggers, others are web builders, online marketeers or designers; this is the number one place to get all your questions answered. 


4. Blogging Apprentice also offers workshops and courses. Keep an eye on our social media accounts (below) - and subscribe to the newsletter to get a notification when we offer a free webinar or one of our very reasonable priced courses! There's also early bird discounts for people on the mailing list that don't get offered to others, so get on there!  

Would you like to contribute to Blogging Apprentice?

As a guest blogger, you 

  • Write a blog post geared towards our worldwide audience of starting bloggers, about a subject that you've either experienced or are an expert in. For instance: if you're a starting blogger yourself, you could write an article about one of the hurdles you had to overcome when you started out. Or maybe you're a virtual service provider who's working with bloggers, and could write something from that point of view. 
  • The blog post should be at least 500 words, and can include links to your own blog or website.  
  • At the bottom of the blog post, there will also be a blurb about you, linking to your blog / website and social media. 
  • All guest bloggers get a document with certain requirements - SEO tips, formatting, promotion,... 
  • Let us know if you would like feedback - we're happy to proofread your piece and help you improve your writing... if that's what you want.